Client: Google

Agency: Arts&Letters Creative Co
Executive Creative Director: Jed Grossman
Creative: Neil Ramanan & Lauren Albee
Business Director: Phil Williams 
Business Manager: Marissa Hardison 
Strategist: Joe Carr

Producer: Nicole Lederman
Business Affairs: Lenora Cushing

Production Co: Friends Electric
Directed by: Danielle Oexmann
Series Animation Creative Director: Justin Leibow
Animation Director: Sofia Pashaei
Animator: Thinh Nguyen

Executive Producer: Belinda Blacklock & Kate Hitchings
Kate Hitchings 
Researcher: Carrie Schreck & Baonghi Nguyen
Production Assistant: Kaylor Myers
Story Producer: Andreas Brauning
Series Editor: Sofia Kerpan
Editorial Assist: Bryant Rutledge
Longform Editorial Assist: Aja Garman
After Effects: Adam Singer
After Effects: Matt Andrews
Intro Illustration: Jimmy Thompson 
Intro Illustration: Meghan Tryon
Intro Animator: Qieer Wang
Flame Mastering: Mark Renton

Music and Sound: Overcoast Music + Sound 
Sound Design & Mix: Matt Whitworth
Original Music: J.L. Hodges

Use of Hollywood Sign -- Licensee shall include the following legal notice in the Episode’s credits; size and placement at Licensee’s sole discretion, substantially as follows: TM & Design © 2020 Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The Hollywood Sign is a trademark and intellectual property of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. All Rights Reserved. The omission of said notice shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement for which Licensor shall be entitled to additional compensation equal to two-times (2x) the License Fee. Such additional compensation shall be the sole remedy for such omission of said notice.