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Client: The United Nations Population Fund
Agency: Edelman
CCO: Stefan Ronge
ECD: Jamie George Cordwell
Creative Director: Esin Cittone
Head of Production: Lucie Hackman
Producer: Joshua Lipworth

Senior Vice President: Lauren Gray
Account Director: Frederica Saunders
Senior Account Manager: Jodie Palmer
Strategy Director: Karin Robinson
Senior Media Executive: Sarah Michelle Teitelman
Account Executive: Max Tyson
Project Director: Emma Zadravetz
Project Director: Joey Jameson

Production Company: Friends Electric
Director: Geoff Parsons & Yvette Paxinos
Executive Producer: Barney Richard 
Producers: Denise Flavell & Giles Edward-N
DOP: Brendan McGinty

Edit: Final Cut
Editor: Claire McGonigal

Grade: ETC Colour
Colourist: Megan Lee

Graphic Designers & Motion Artists
Yvette Paxinos, Geoff Parsons & Bradley Franklin

Sound: 750mph
Head of Production: Martin Critchley
Sound Supervisor: Mark Hellaby
Sound Design: Ellis McGourlay

Music Supervision: Twenty Below Music
Music: ‘Nowhere’ - Star.One
Music Supervisor: Emily Pritchard