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Pete Candeland

Pete Candeland is one of commercial animation’s luminaries. During his career he has consistently directed seminal films which have redefined animation as a popular commercial and cultural medium. From the iconic Gorillaz music videos which saw him collaborate on a conceptual level with recording artist Damon Albarn and graphic designer Jamie Hewlett, to genre-defying cinematics for the Rockstar game franchise - described by Rolling Stone Magazine as “jaw dropping” and “insanely cool” - through to the numerous and highly emotive BBC trailers, Pete has cut a unique path across 2D and 3D animation which is unrivalled in its graphical sensibilities, high concept narrative and cultural resonance.

Living in LA, Pete is a multi-faceted director whose work transcends the flat screen. Always looking for new technology with which to tell stories, Pete is currently developing original musical projects for VR and AR, as well as a first feature for a major Hollywood studio. With a deep rooted love for short form narrative, Pete is an original auteur commercials film maker with an instinct for composition which continues to be unrivalled.