No Ghost

AKQA - 'Future Lions'

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No Ghost

NoGhost are self-pronounced Futurecrats. They do not want the future to be the future; they want the future right now.

With a background in movie VFX on blockbusters including Guardians of The Galaxy, Gravity and the Marvel & Bond franchises, they have sought to cut a path in to new platforms of story-telling, beginning their odyssey on the now legendary VR promo Stor Eiglass for Square Pusher.

This experience prompted NoGhost to experiment with Virtual Reality in their own time, writing their own bespoke tools to create interactive worlds which emote in a way a game or film cannot. They perceive VR as being able to transcend education & entertainment, whilst viscerally transporting you to places beyond the real world.

The future for Friends Electric and the Ghosts is bright - so bright we gotta wear headsets.