Ewan Jones Morris

Barclays Women's Super League - Unstoppable

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Ewan Jones Morris

Ewan Jones Morris, the award-winning director and animator with a uniquely creative mind.

Ewan has directed music videos including Leftfield’s ‘Head and Shoulders’, John Grant’s ‘He’s Got His Mother’s Hips’, DJ Shadow’s ‘Scale it Back” and Lemaitre’s ‘Closer’ (78 milion youtube views) to name but a few. His commercial work is equally as eclectic and he's worked with brands such as Marmite, Coventry City, 3 network among others.

His work has seen him as a regular feature in Adam Buxton’s show, BUG, for the BFI and his film collaborations with artist Bedwyr Williams have been exhibited at the Barbican, Glasgow International Arts Festival and Vienna Biennale. He's had a myriad of vimeo staff picks too.

Ewan’s highly-imaginative style combines 2D animation, live-action and stop-motion. This results in his projects exuding eclecticism and originality, and served him a slew of accolades including a UK Music Video Award (with his co-director, Casey Raymond) and a BAFTA Cymru for his short film ‘This Far Up’. Ewan is also a resident artist at Somerset House Studios.