Polynoid's study of the "Parco Pistris"

Sometime last year, Korean scientific research group KSPRI discovered a carnivorous species of strawberry growing in parks all over Asia, now named the "Parco Pistris".

The research team got in touch with Polynoid to visualise the growth and the violent developmental process of this strawberry. KSPRI commissioned animation-director-collective Polynoid to demonstrate through this short film, 'The Shark In The Park'. The end result is an educational piece that both thrills and repulses, but ultimately hopes to bring the theatre of the natural world to a younger audience.

Please read more about the Parco Pistris and about the KSPRI's ongoing research :

Client - KSPRI (Korean Strange Plant Research Institute)
Director – Polynoid
Production Company & Animation Studio – Woodblock
Producer – Selina Schmitt
Artists – Fabian Pross, Tom Weber, Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Csaba Letay, Sarah Eim, Michael Heberlein, Mars Dolschon, Markus Eschrich, Ivan Vasiljevic, Marco Kowalik, Roman Hinkel, Paul Schicketanz, Thorsten Löffler, Moritz Gläsle, Roman Kälin, Pascal Flörks, Felix Deimann, Tim Jockel
Sounddesign – Dolphin Smiles
Music – Hot Sugar "There's A Man Waiting At The Bottom Of The Stairs"