Pitch Issue 009

What's better than one spread in an industry leading publication? Two spreads of course. The double helping of Friends Electric served in the latest Pitch are Andy Baker and Silent; our newest and one of our earliest signings, respectively.

Silent, Liam Paton and Nathan Prince, have been since 2004 pushing what can be created with 'just' sound and vision. The meaningful moment makers can't and sure as hell won't be pigeonholed; their work ranging from blindfolded sensory suppers, 360° fashion shows, and a Tweetable dancing character for the MTVEMAs Choreographika

 Animator/illustrator/director/all round very talented Andy Baker chats to Pitch's Nick Curtis about his second year directing and animating the infamous Parklife festival, the future of animation and why watching so much TV as a kid is actually be not such a bad thing after all...

Pitch Issue 009 is out now.