Making of 'Five Go On A Great Western Adventure'

Great Western Railway came into the Friends Electric office for a rare behind the scenes insight into the creative processes that went into the quintessentially British 'Five Go On A Great Western Adventure' campaign.

GWR's latest ad sets to reignite the yesteryear thrill of the Great British railroad with the help of literary favourite, Enid Blyton's The Famous Five. The four friends Julien, George, Dick and Anne unwittingly embark on their very own Great Western adventure when Timmy, their mischievous dog, takes something of a detour...

Friends Electric EP Alex Webster and director Pete Candeland talk us through the journey of getting in such an exciting script, especially featuring such renowned and beloved characters as The Famous Five. The process began from hand-painted storyboards, CG animation and 2D drawn overlays to build the images, which ended in every single frame being photographed and scanned to create a truly authentic illustrative feel.