Lucas Zanotto - 'Eyes'

Behold, Lucas Zanotto's 'Eyes'  - his latest personal project that explores the transformative effect eyes can have on an inanimate object.

Zanotto's "eyes" are made out of what happens to be lying around - ping pong balls and paper plates mostly, as toyed with before with his 'Having a Face'  project (which then went on to be the official opening of Pictoplasma 2015)

'Eyes', sees Zanotto's hand built kinetic sculptures showcase, in absolute simplicity, a gauntlet of human emotions. 

The "It wasn't me!" eye roll in the wake of a mysteriously knocked over plant, an unfocused wobble in attempt to fool the optometrist you can see just FINE, and the jumbo-tub of ice cream; the only mascot for weeping heartache - Zanotto has innate ability to translate with such depth even the most complex feeling with simplicity, subtlety and heart.