Lucas Zanotto hails from the Italian Alps and currently resides in Helsinki, spending his summers in a beautiful lake house designed and built by the director and product designer himself. Nice, if you like that sort of thing. 

Lucas isn’t your standard animation director; yes, his graphic design and architectural background has led to meticulously crafted 2D work that’s won prestigious animation awards from Cannes to Ottawa. But more than this, his tactile sensibility, inquisitive mind and desire to create innovative, playful work has led him on a journey encompassing the arts, practical installations, digital builds and more. 
In 2012 Lucas launched YATATOY, an entertainment property designing and building an incredibly successful series of apps for children. Starting with Drawnimal, the apps encourage kids’ creativity through art and music whilst teaching simple coding along the way. With Lucas’ characteristic modern yet analogue aesthetic, Drawnimal went on to receive over a million downloads within weeks of being launched. Armed with this following and being Apple’s Editor’s choice, subsequent additions Miximal and Loopimal have enjoyed similar love. Next stop Bandimal...  
He also makes canoes. Which is just showing off.